Über die Website

Über die Website

Thiswebsiteisoperated by theMoravian Museum, a state-fundedorganizationofthe Ministry ofCultureofthe Czech Republic.


The operatorownsthe copyright to the contentsofthiswebsiteincludingalltexts and technicalillustrations.


The  authorofthe websiteherebydeclaresthatthiswebsiteattempts to allow maximum accessibilityofitscontents as well as allofitsfunctionalities to all internet users.

The contentofthe presentation has beendeveloped in XHTML 1.0 Transitional, the visual part ofthe presentationusing CSS 2. Whendevelopingthiswebsite, the methodologyinstructions " Dive into accessibility   " werefollowed.

Data protection and personal data transfer

The  operatormayconditionthe access to thiswebsite on the submissionofcertainpersonal data defined by Act No 101/2000 Coll. onpersonal data protection as well as otherActs in theircurrentversions. In this case, the operatorwilltreat such data as required by currentlegislation.

The operatorcollaborateswithvariouscompaniesprovidingcertainservices to him. These companies, ifauthorised to do so, mayhaveaccess to the user’spersonal data wherebytheymay use this data solelyforthe purposesoffulfillingtheirobligations and may not use themforanyotherpurposes. The operatorshall not sell, transfer orcommunicatepersonal data to thirdpartiesprovideditis not requiredforthe fulfilmentofcurrentlegislation.

Shouldthe user wish to modifyordeletepersonal data in the possessionofthe operator, he mayaskthe operator to do so usingthe contact data specified on thiswebsite.

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