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In Mendel’s Footsteps: An exhibition of the people, Places and Scientific Research in the Life of G. Mendel

9. 3. 2017 - 2 . 7. 2017

Author of the exhibition is Prof. Dr. Daniel J. Fairbanks, a renowned scientist, artist and teacher. Currently he is professor of genetics and dean at the Utah Valley University, the biggest university in the state of Utah (USA). He was born in a family with artistic traditions and could develop his artistic talent since his childhood. He has connected his professional scientific interest in the history of genetics with the need to express his relation to his lifelong topic – the life and work of the founder of genetics Johann Gregor Mendel – in an artistic way. As a result, you can visit the exhibition of his paintings, drawings and sculptures presented in the Marble Halls (Bishop´s Court) in the framework of the Bicentenary of the Moravian Museum.