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Face to Face: Aristocratic Portrait in Baroque Period

9. 12. 2020 - 14. 3. 2021

Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday 1-5 p.m.

Admission: regular 80 CZK, reduced 40 CZK, family 180 CZK

In Baroque period portraits built an inseparable part of interiors of noble residences and urban palaces. Today we can find them during visits to castles and manors, in museums and art galleries. But what can these works say to the contemporary observer?

Most of us concentrate on the appeareance  of the portraited person, we are able to appreciate the pictorial presentation, the livelihood of the depiction, well worked details. However, in the time of its creation, each portrait had a specific information value. The works were connected to concrete life events and stages, they marked the social status, functions, grades, interests and hobbies of the portraited persons as well as period conventions. And it is just this aspect of portrait works that is in the focus of the exhibition Face to Face.

The exhibition takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Besides items from the Moravian Museum, art works from collections of the national Heritage Institute, the National Museum, the Moravian Gallery and the City Museum and Gallery in Polička are on display.