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Great Moravia

Great Moravia - this exhibition introduces you to the plentiful treasures documenting the remarkable phenomenon of Great Moravia, the very first Slavonic state. Coming here you shall be astonished by the incredible beauty of Moravian jewellery, pottery, technological skills and handicraft of Moravian craftsmen. The central point of the exhibition - a treasury with the famous and most beautiful jewels from Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště, Mikulčice and Břeclav - Pohansko. A great part of your attention will be attracted by models of the fortified settlements (castles) near Mikulčice, reconstruction of a jewellery workshop from Staré Město and original wooden well boarding from the same place. Enjoy the Great Moravia journey and tell everybody you meet - It’s worth seeing it!   

Photos from the exhibition