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Human anthill of Ondřej Sekora

Long term exhibition of the Department of History of Literature / Moravian Museum

Visits upon appointment at: +420 515 910 421 and +420 515 910 422 (8.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

The exhibition presents valuable material bearing testimony of the whole Sekora´s being. The correspondence, private and professional, is the most extensive without any doubt. Its most important part consists of letters to his wife and son sent from work camps where he was interned in 1944-45. Letters and diaries from foreign trips show his work programme and holiday stays. Correspondence with near and wide family testifies of coherent family relationships. Letters from readers, mainly children, document the relation of the public to his work.

Guided tour:

Human anthill of Ondřej Sekora - The guided tour through the exhibition make acquainted with the multifaceted  personality of O. Sekora, not only the spiritual father of Ferda, the Ant, by means of his extensive estate.


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