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For the King, mother, for the King!

25. 3.3. 7. 2016

The Ride of the Kings in the Moravian Slovakia is a remainder of old initiation ceremonies that can be observed in a modified form in the villages  Hluk, Kunovice, Vlčnov or Skoronice until now. In 2011, the Ride of the Kings was included into the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.  The exhibition has been prepared by the National Institute for Folk Culture in cooperation with the Ethnographic Institute / Moravian Museum. 

The exhibition “For the King, mother, for the King!” shows the Ride of the Kings in its colourfulness, ancientness as well as in the spirit of contemporary values that it transmits to the today man. It presents the common background of the festival across Moravia and in the broad European context. In the same time it points out the specificities appearing in each village where this tradition has been preserved: in Hluk, Kunovice, Skoronice and Vlčnov.

Through information and interactive panels the visitors can learn about the origin of the ancient Pentecost tradition the roots of which are veiled with mystery and specifically in Moravia connected with legends on an escaping ruler. Thanks to video records you can experience the festive atmosphere in specific villages and see with your eyes the majestic beauty of royal retinues.

Entertaining activities for both young and older visitors are prepared in the children´s corner.