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Venus - photographs by Jindřich Štreit

28. 4. - 30. 11. 2017

Black and white snaps by Jindřich Štreit from the second half of the 20th century may be interpreted on two levels: the first one is the classical analysis of J. Štreit as documentarist that is documented by numerous studies from the pen of photography theoreticians (see 35 books and a lot of catalogues). The second level, i.e. the interpretation from the viewpoint of visual anthropology, from the perspective of the “experienced and seen culture”, is still awaiting its evaluation. This gap has been the starting point of the Brno exhibition.

J. Štreit´s photographs depict the life of a small, socially, locally and chronologically limited community from below, they document the “small history” the discovery of which enables us to better understand big events. It is a study of small matters hiding life stories of particular people in a given period of time. The unwanted protagonists are concrete persons, the chronological framework are the 1980s, snaps have been taken in the neglected Bruntál region and its rough character has essentially influenced their content. As an immediately reacting and not unconcerned observer, J. Štreit was able to document the seeming hopelessness of the everyday and festive moments in the life of the inhabitants of this “uprooted” region, of this specific sample of population that had been transferred to the evacuated region from various parts of the then republic after 1945.