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Fight of Ichthyosaurs or Prehistoric times by Zdeněk Burian´s brush

9. 10. 2015 – 2017

The exhibition follows up with the previous display of paintings by the academic painter Zdeněk Burian entitled „He saw bygone worlds“.

Now, an assemblage of 50 pictures shows the environments of much more distant past, those of the period when life was nascent on Earth, evolving slowly and disappearing again and the evidence of which are fossilized remains. Pictorial reconstructions bring this lost life back. And Zdeněk Burian will always belong to their most important authors although science has already modified the idea of many extinct species thanks to new discoveries.  We present a collection of original paintings the majority of which has already appeared in the famous publication „Velká kniha o pravěku“ (The Large Book on Prehistory). These paintings – palaeontological reconstructions – represent the most fruitful and the most successful period of Burian´s artistic career. The visitor has the unique chance to get an insight into multicolour life in Palaeozoic seas swarming with trilobites, medusas, echinoderms, cephalopods or armoured fishes. Pterosaurs, a Plesiosaur fighting with a Mesosaur, and a frightening Tarbosaur stand for the Mesozoic. The giant bird Gastornis or various Proboscidea represent the Tertiary. And some paintings will even come alive through impressive animation.

Rare examples of original fossils having served as models to the artist accompany the paintings.