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Kitchen furniture in the 20th century 

From the collections of the Ethnographic Institute / Moravian Museum


Historical predecessor of the 20th century kitchen is the so called black kitchen, a vaulted room with open fireplace and mighty chimney situated in the rear part of the entrance hall of the house and existing in the villages locally until the late 19th century. The change of heating system and the introduction of the stove since the mid-19th century resulted in the gradual elimination of black kitchens with open chimney and in the construction of larger, clear and warm kitchens with a stove connected to a closed chimney.

In the 20th century, kitchen became a room used not only for cooking and dining but also for various work activities and rest (living kitchen).

Various kinds of furniture made in workshops as well in industrial production served to food preparation, storing kitchen dishes and utensils, dining and other activities in folk milieu in villages and towns until the second third of the 20th century.

Photos from the exhibition